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How Do You Make Black Hair Grow Faster?

A common myth is that everyone's hair is the same regardless of race so what works for one person will work for someone else. This is far from true.

Black and African American hair is very different from Caucasian hair. If you're an African American woman and want to get healthier, faster growing hair you need to fuel your body with the right nutrition and use the right hair care products that will strengthen your hair.

This doesn't mean taking the same generic pill you see in the store, or using the same type of conditioner women with other hair types use. If you want to actually improve the health of your hair then you need to use products that are meant for your hair type exclusively.

Taking The Right Hair Supplements

Most hair vitamins are made with a bare minimum of ingredients, designed for the masses with absolutely no care for the woman who is taking it. These kind of pills deliver sub-par results, if any at all. It's best to stay away from pills that aren't made for black hair, because anything else won't give you the right nutrients to actually help your hair.

How Fast Grow Vitamins Work

Fast Grow is the only hair vitamin that is actually formulated for black hair growth. The ingredients in Fast Grow are all in the proper dosage amount to work together to nouish your body with the nutrients it needs to be able to grow healther hair faster.

When your body doesn't get enough nutrients, it halts the production of non-essential functions and focuses on keeping your vital organs running. This is why so many of us start to notice that our hair is growing slower or starting to look unhealthy. To our systems, hair isn't considered 'vital' (sad, we know!) so the first thing we usually notice when we're not getting enough vitamins is that our hair just looks bad.

You may have heard that taking biotin was enough to make your hair grow. This isn't true. Biotin can only do so much on its own. Scientific studies have shown that biotin actually needs to be taken along with other B Vitamins and Amino Acids in order to have any effect on your hair. (Effects of biotin and vitamin B12 on folic acid metabolism, National Institutes of Health)

Fast Grow contains B Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Essential Oils that all interact with each other to give your body the nourishment it needs. Fast Grow vitamins essentially feed your hair from the inside out, delivering nutrients that promote much thicker, healthier, faster hair growth. So when your body starts to neglect your hair because it's not 'vital' - Fast Grow steps in to fill the gaps and make sure your hair is properly taken care of.

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