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All of our reviews are submitted by real women who have used Fast Grow vitamins, shampoo, conditioner, and hair growth oil.

"I have been taking Exotic allure since Nov 2013, and I can say that this product is amazing! My hair has grown pass my shoulders, my hair is shiny, soft, and easy to manage." - Wanda / NC / 01-25-2014

"This product was the best I love it. I was iffy at first but it works so good, well worth it. I'm biracial and have course hair and my hair was hard and I was so depressed that my hair wasn't so long. When I used this it worked so well A+++" - Angela / AZ / 12-26-2013

"Hello Everyone, I have been using the exotic allure hair vitamins for about 2 months now; I can say that these are the only vitamins that has ever worked in such a short amount of time. These vitamins are worth every cent." - Linda C. / Beaverton, OR / 12-19-2013

"Hi!!! I just have to say I was a little skeptical that the Hair Vitamins would actually work especially since other companies have stated the same thing. But I have to say above anything else I have EVER taken, the Fast Grow Hair Vitamins worked the best!" - Katryna / Southern New Jersey / 11-14-2013

"Great product that actually works. I started to see growth within the first month of using the vitamins. My mom, aunt, and great grandmother have now started using the vitamins as well. Thanks!" - Shayla P. / Phoenix, AZ / 09-04-2013

"I like it!" - Tina Marie / Johnson City, Texas/ 07-07-2013

"I started using the vitamins about a few months ago my main problem was my hairline, which after just two weeks of taking it started filling in! I plan to order a 6 months supply next time." - Kenisha V. / Anguilla / 06-29-2013

"I have been taking these pills for almost a month and I can see noticeable changes to the overall texture of these pills. My hair is very soft and it has indeed stop shedding. I just had a trim so I can't tell at the moment if there has been so growth." - Michele / Georgia / 04-16-2013

"I have taken the vitamins for almost a month and my hair is definitely thicker and softer than before. I can't wait for my hair to grow out." - Prel / Indianapolis, IN / 03-26-2013

"Tried the vitamins and it worked. Love it." - Stephanie / Ashford, AL / 12-24-2012

"It's been almost a month and I haven't noticed any new growth, but my scalp is much healthier. It's not as dry and flaky as before and my hair is a little fuller, but I don't know if it's because of the pills. I'll continue the pills and see how they work." - Lexi C. / Boston, MA / 12-26-2012

"I've been using the products for about a month and a half and have seen great results. My hair is healthy, strong and has grown about an inch. Thank God for products that really work. I am a forever customer." - O. Babineaux / Lafayatte, LA / 12-16-2012

"These vitamins are real wonders. I went back natural a couple years ago and was looking for a hair vitamin that would strenghten my hair, and makes it healthier and fuller. I went on amazon and found this miracle vitamins. It is just great." - Alice / Port-au-Prince, Haiti / 12-05-2012

"I decided to cut my hair short, but then lived to regret it. I have always had longer hair, but I decided I could not wait an entire year for it to all grow back. It has not been a month yet and I am seeing dramatic growth. " - Michelle O. / Milwaukee, WI / 11-15-2012

"I love these vitamins!!! At first I thought they weren't going to be effective because I had recently taken Hairfinity and they didn't do anything for growth. But these definitely proved me wrong!! I have been taking them for a little over a month now and" - Ebony C. / Tampa, FL / 10-15-2012

"I was recommended the Exotic Allure vitamins by a friend of mine. At this time I was having an issue with my hair thinning and not growing. So I ordered the vitamins and after one month I noticed a difference in thickness and I had noticeable growth." - Reese / Ohio / 10-10-2012

"I have been using these vitamins for a month now, and I can honestly say that I - and others - have seen a noticable difference in hair texture and length." - Rosalind / Mississippi / 09-08-2012

"I absolutely love these vitamins. Out of every hair vitamin I have tried...this one truly works! I've only been natural for 2 months and have grown 2 inches since my big chop. The investment in these Exotic Allure vitamins are truly worth it!!!" - Jasmine / Philadelphia, PA / 07-25-2012

"I started taking fast grow vitamins on 3/6/12 and my hair has grown longer,thicker and softer. I would like to thank God I found these vitamins first and foremost, and all the people who created these vitamins. God bless." - Desiraye / Atlanta, GA / 06-26-2012

"I love these vitamins for my hair. I am African American and I wanted to find something that would make my hair grow long and I found it in these vitamins. THEY ARE GREAT. YOU HAVE FOUND ANOTHER CUSTOMER, ME. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" - Kimberly P. / Tampa / 06-01-2012

"I started my first bottle on April 13, 2012 and am currently wearing microbraids. The pills are easy to swallow and don't stink like other hair pills. So that much I appreciated! I signed up for the 6 month membership and so far, I am LOVING my results." - Erin / Frisco, TX / 05/31/2012

"I have been using this product now for TWO WEEKS! And OMG you can actually see the difference in my hair! This product is worth every Penny! My hair has grown a 1/2 inch in 2 WEEKS (seriously). I'm very pleased with the results so far!" - Bertha / Columbia, SC / 05-20-2012

"Its been about 3 weeks since I've been taking Exotic Allure hair vitamins. I went from NL to SL in 3 months. I love my hair right now. These pills are amazing I'm ready to order again :)" - Crystal G. / Milwaukee, WI / 05-10-2012

"This product is great! After two weeks of using EA my edges are starting to fill in. I have experienced great results and am planning on signing up for the 12 month membership." - Brooke / Muskegon, MI / 05-05-2012

"I've been using the vitamins for a little over two months and my hair has grown a good 2 or 3 inches. I've even been getting compliments on how thick and long its getting! You can't go wrong with this product!" - Chelsey H. / New York / 05-23-2012

"I have just started using my Fast Grow products. I recieved them last week, and I can already tell that my ends are looking way better!! I can also tell a differance in the texture of my hair." - Shawnee B. / TX / 03-17-2012

"I started taking these around last December and my hair grew a good inch in the first month! I have also seen a difference in my nails (within the first two weeks)! They are stronger and retain the their length." - Ambi / Metro Detroit / 02-09-2012

"I got my first bottle, and this is a miracle in a bottle. Amazing how my hair has grown! I cant believe it! So glad I am a member. I recommend this product to every one." - Tashema / Birmingham, AL / 02-08-2012

"I have been taking the vitamins for 9 days now & I already see a difference! My edges are filling in & my hair has thickened even more. I will most definetly be ordering the 12 month automatic membership!" - Whitney B. / North Carolina / 02-01-2012

"I used to take these vitamins and my hair stayed healthy. Once I stopped after a few months I began seeing a big difference and the longer I didnt take them the worse my hair was with shedding and breaking. These vitamins are Gospel to your hair :)" - Princess / Atlanta, GA / 02-01-2012

"Oh.My.God. This stuff is AMAZING. My hair was always thin, breaking, dry, and it just seemed like it was never gonna get past my shoulders. I've been taking this for 2 months and my hair has grown almost 3 inches. And the thickness is so unreal!" - Candida H. / Texas / 01-02-2012

"Got my first bottle and I love it! I can see the difference already. My hair is getting thicker, and I'm glad I am a member." - Tashema / Birmingham, AL / 01-30-2012

"Update my hair has grown so much that I can barely comb it. I deep condition my hair every week to keep my hair soft. I have been natural now for one year, and did my big chop in April of 2011, and I cannot tell you how much my hair has grown!" - Tonia / South Carolina / 01-06-2012

"This is probably my 10th bottle. These vitamins work 100% no side effects but great results! I highly reccommend them to anyone who has slow growing hair or if you just want to maintain healthy hair. These vitamins would be one of your best investments." - Olivia / Hartford, CT / 12-07-2011

"I'm not a black lady but the shampoo and the vitamins has made my hair quit breaking and as a bonus, my nails look great. I don't have to flat iron as long either! My hair, in just one year, has gone from the top of my shoulders to the middle of my back." - Lizette / Clermont, FL / 12-04-2011

"This is the second bottle order and I am very pleased with the results. I started taking this product on 10-20-2011 and my hair has grown 1/2 inch at the top in under a month. My hair is very thin on the top and extremely short. I will continue to use it." - WJC / Fort Worth, TX / 11-11-2011

"I have used this product before and I just placed another order. I love these vitamins. They did wonders before for my hair and I will keep ordering. I will become your best customer. Thank You Exotic Allure!" - S.L. / Nevada / 10-28-2011

"I rarely find products that do what they say they'll do. The Fast Grow vitiamins are amazing! I have been taking the vitamins for 6 months and have amazing results. My hair is now past my shoulders and is still growing. Thank you Exotic Allure!" - Crystal / VA / 09-29-2011

"The ingredients in this hair vitamin are expertly distributed to impact the growth of black hair. We do so much to our hair and the extra boost is great! I have almost natural hair and it is great to prevent hair breakage during the transition period." - Toya / Memphis, TN / 09-24-2011

"These vitamins are amazing! I just finished my first bottle and got a touch up. Usually I experience severe breakage before and after my touch up, but this time breakage was minimal." - Kim / Maryland / 09-22-2011

"I am proud with my results. This is my second bottle and I'm almost finished with it and I will order my third one soon." - Sherrita / Jackson, MS / 09-05-2011

"I have been taking Black Hair Vitamins for 24 days now & my hair has grown 1/2 in. It usually takes my hair 1 month just to grow 1/4 in. My hair is so soft and manageable; before I started taking the vitamins I dyed my hair, so I just measure the uncolored part." - Quiana / Dallas, TX / 09-03-2011

"This product is one step from miraculous. It began working for me in record time, 2-3wks, but by weeks 4-6 came all the verbal comments. I recently went natural and I am super excited to see how much more this product will continue to work for me." - Banks / OKC / 08-22-2011

"I have only been using this product almost two month now and I already have thicker hair, but I have noticed that it sheds less and the growth in length is all because of Fast Grow." - Monik / Afghanistan / 07-06-2011

"I am back to using my Fast grow vitamins and I'm pleased with the results again! My hair and nails are both getting thicker and longer at a faster rate. I live an active life style with enough to worry about and it feels good to know that my hair is being taken care of." - Yvette / Austin, TX / 04-30-2011

"I first started taking these vitamins in 2006. I was floored with the great results! My hair grew about 4-5 inches in 3 months. My hair stylist who rarely gives out compliments, could not refrain from complimenting me." - Maya B. / AL / 03-23-2011

"I tried the Fast Grow vitamins for a month. My hair is healthier and I noticed growth. My hair was at the bottom of my ears, now it’s at my neck." - Nina W. / Sharon, PA / 03-05-2011

"I've been using this product for almost a year now. It's truly a blessing. My hair has grown faster and thicker, also my skin has clear and my nails are growing longer. I love this product and will not stop using it. Will tell my family and friends about it." - Lindsey / New Orleans / 02-16-2011

"I love it! My hair is healthy and more bouncy. Thank you so much!" - Danielle / Miami, FL / 02-13-2011

"I started using these vitamins about 2 years ago after I noticed my hair breaking alot and thinning around the edges (probably due to braids) After I was using the vitamins I went to get my hair braided and my aunt said she could tell my hair was growing." - Lateshia / Kingsland, GA / 01-14-2011

"I have been using this product on and off for a few yeas now and I Love it. It makes my hair stay healthy and it has a beautiful shine. I can cut my hair one month and in the next two to three it's like I never got a cut." - Erykah / Spring Valley, NY / 12-22-2010

"I just want to say that I love your product. I used it 4 years ago and it really helped my hair a lot. I used a relaxer and all my hair fell out so that I was forced to wear wigs. I was devastated until I found your products." - Siakiva F. / Hemet, CA / 12-03-2010

"Been using for a month, as for now, Im wearing braids. I can see some new growth happening..hopefully through my 3-6 month challenge I will see a drastic result!" - Malika / Lowell, MA / 11-18-2010

"Love the scent of the pills. I've been taking the pills close to a month, I dont see too much growth as of yet, but I do see added thickness though!" - T.E. / New York, New York / 11-15-2010

"I have been using this product for one week and have seen results. I had a relaxer and my natural hair is curly so i know new growth when I see it. I thought it would take at least two weeks to get in my system but nope. One week and already results." - Ally / USA / 11-06-2010

"I purchased the Exotic Allure vitamins two weeks ago and what I can say is that my hair stylist notices a difference in my hair within that amount of time. She told me I had really damaged cuticles and by the time of my next appointment she notices a big difference in the healthy of my hair." - C. Melson / Detroit, MI / 10-30-2010

"I Have been using the vitamins and even my stylist stated that he did not know how my hair was growing so fast...I finally told him that I was using the vitamins and now he tells other clients about the product...Thank you so much." - Chelle / DC / 10-16-2010

"I started using Exotic Allure on August of 2010, within 3 weeks of using the shampoo with the vitamins I started seing results in my hair. I am so thankful for finding your product. I can't wait until my hair is where it needs to be." - Ritha / Naples, FL / 10-09-2010

"I have used nearly two bottles of these vitamins and my hair has grown four inches. Plus, my hair is no longer breaking and falling out. THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT!" - Stefani / Salem, OR / 10-05-2010

"I have been using Fast Grow vitamins for a little over five months now. WOW!! I cannot get over the results. I have had close to 4 inches growth in that time and can only say that I am thrilled with the product and will continue to use regularly." - Emma / Nova Scotia, Canada / 09-09-2010

"I have been using Fast Grow hair vitamin for only six months and OMG! My hair went from ear length to shoulder length and it is so thick and beautiful. These vitamins are from God! Thank you Exotic Allure." - Kelly B. / Gary, Indiana / 08-28-2010

I have used Exotic Allure Fast Grow Vitamins for at least 2 years and I just love that it actually does grow my hair." - Rosie Gilford / Houston, TX / 08-19-2010

"THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! I have been using it for 3 days. I have notice this my that the hairs on my temples are starting to go back. My hair began to thin out when I moved to Oregon. I am so happy with this product. I would highly recommend for everyone." - Stefani / Salem, OR / 08-09-2010

"I have used this product for two years. Before my hair was shoulder neck length, now it is to my bra strap on my back! I havent tried the shampoo but I plan on trying it soon!" - Ashley W. / Texas / 06-12-2010

"Great!" - Nina / Jacksonville, FL / 06-12-2010

"I can truly say that this product does work. It does take time, but I found out that when I take four tablets twice a day it really works. My hair is really thick now and getting long." - Rosa F. / Carson / 06-04-2010

"I just want to say this product is truly amazing. After just two weeks, I'm already seeing amazing results. My hair is shiny and getting longer." - Rosa Fields / Carson, NV / 05-18-2010

"The hair vitamins and emu oil shampoo work GREAT together. I've used them both for about four months and my hair is longer and thicker. People always stop me and comment about my hair. It really works. Make sure you take your vitiams EVERYDAY and shampoo." - Kay / Dallas, TX / 05-13-2010

"I ordered my Exotic Allure on April 6th, 2010 and started taking them immediately- I saw the results and transition happening to my hair immediately! My hair was barely touching my earlobes and now my hair is almost shoulder length!" - Tanya / Bronx, NY / 04-30-2010

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