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About Our Black Hair Care Products

Every single one of our products - from the hair growth vitamins to the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to the nourishing hair oil - has been formulated exclusively for black and African American hair.

Have you noticed that a lot of companies try to sell the same hair product to everyone? How can the same thing work for everyone, when everyone has different hair?

We're tired of having to use the same hair vitamin, or the same shampoo, as everyone else!

What Makes Fast Grow The Best Vitamins For Black Hair Growth?

We understand that black hair requires specific levels of nutrients that other hair types don't need. That's why we made the best vitamin for black hair - Fast Grow.

Our vitamins contain natural ingredients that are clinically proven to help hair grow faster and healthier.

Unlike other pills, Fast Grow contains the right amount of each nutrient so you don't experience breakouts or other side effects.

All of our hair care products are made in clean, FDA quality controlled approved labs inside the USA. This ensures that you're getting a safe, high quality product.

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